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Turkey Election Watch - 08

Latest Polling: Election Extraordinaire!


Political Highlights of The Week:

Social Housing

MIR Suspended

Trouble at Table of Six

Issue in Focus: Issues and Tactics: What the election campaign (probably) be about? 

Turkey Election Watch - 07

Latest Polling: Poll of Polls


Political Highlights of The Week:

Inflation Announced

From Russia With Love

Clearest Day for Elections 

Issue in Focus: Turkish Youth: Outward looking, inward motivated 

Turkey Election Watch - 06

Latest Polling: Which leader do you think can solve the economic problems we are dealing with ? 


Political Highlights of The Week:

Price Hike

Pekergate Claiming Heads

"Life Style" is The Word


Issue in Focus: The "Syrians": The millions that will not vote, but will affect the elections 

Turkey Election Watch - 05

Latest Polling: "Undecided" and "Won't vote" among AK Party supporters


Political Highlights of The Week:

Table of 6 Meets

The Left United

Singer Gülşen Arrested


Issue in Focus: How rational is the electorate?

Turkey Election Watch - 04

Latest Polling: Who do the young trust? 


Political Highlights of The Week:

CBRT Against All Odds

One Minute Over

Attack on İYİ Party Campaigners  V v

Issue in Focus: Are the young game changers ? 

Turkey Election Watch - 03

Latest Polling: People Say : "Solve the problem"


Political Highlights of The Week:

Syria Signaling

Festival Banning

Drunk Bear V v

Issue in Focus: Three is a crowd

Turkey Election Watch - 02

Latest Polling: How do you think the economy is as of today?


Political Highlights of The Week:

Kılıçdaroğlu visits Erzurum and Uludere

Scandal at the KPSS

Issue in Focus: Zafer Party is on the rise

Turkey Election Watch - 01

Latest Polling: If there was a general election this Sunday, which party would you vote for?  


Political Highlights of The Week:

Early Elections

Economic Crisis

International Relations

Issue in Focus: Kılıçdaroğlu loading

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